WeChat For PC
WeChat for Computer: Options, Features and Possibilities
Along with Whatsapp, WeChat has become one of the most downloaded and used instant messengers for Android. As you can see, the service was intended initially for mobile use only. At this point, as in the case of Whatsapp, we have the opportunity to install WeChat for PC, by following only some simple steps. In fact, in less than 10 minutes, we can use this amazing service right on our desktop computers.

WeChat is basically an instant messenger which uses the internet connection in order to send messages to your friends. As Whatsapp, the service needs a working internet connection in order to connect you with your friends, but the rest of its features are completely free of charge, as the service itself. If you are already familiar with other kinds of instant messaging services, I am sure that WeChat will not do you any problems whatsoever.

There are several possibilities in which you can install WeChat on a computer, and most of them suggest you to use an Android emulator called Bluestacks or YouWave. While Bluestacks is quite famous among users, it might be too much for you since the software is quite demanding and it requires too many resources. What makes it so used and downloaded, is the fact that it is free of charge. Probably, most people go with Bluestacks, precisely from this reason.


However, if your computer does not support Bluestacks, find out that you still have plenty of other Android emulators that do the same job. Here, I want to show you how you can use YouWave, a different emulator, which offers the same benefits as Bluestacks. YouWave provides the same features, like any other Android emulator available on the marker, but it does this in a faster and simpler manner.
Actually, YouWave is less demanding than Bluestacks and it is easier to use. The only problem I could find and I am speaking from the majority’s point of you, is the fact that this emulator is not free. I meant, the amount you will have to spend in order to download it is not that high, but, when there is a free option, I am sure that most people would avoid spending money.

In the first part, YouWave brings you the chance it install pretty much any Android application or game right on your computer and use it as you do on your Smartphone. In fact, this is the main purpose on an emulator: to allow you perform the same actions on a computer as you do on a smart device.

Besides this, YouWave has a lighter configuration, it is simple to use and in the same time, it is more than a simple emulator. With this software, users will also be able to transfer pictures and files quicker and easier than before. Moreover, the emulator offers SD card support for you to access your SD card stored items right from your computer.



The good part, when you choose to download WeChat on a computer, is the fact that you will be getting the same options as the mobile version. In addition, when you are working on a computer, instead of stopping your job in order to reply to an instant message on your Smartphone, you can easily do it right from your computer. In this way, you will save a lot of time, and it will be much more comfortable, since you will be using a larger display and a bigger keyboard. ​

As a bottom line, I want to advise you to install WeChat on PC as quickly as possible, in order to enjoy all those great benefits such as sending instant messages easier, sharing photos, videos and documents on a bigger display. Moreover, when you download WeChat for PC, you will get to use a lot more stickers, smiley faces, and emoticons. All you have to do is to start the download process as soon as possible, register using a unique username and password, and then keep in touch with your friends and acquaintances in a free way.
It is worth mentioning the fact that if you already used the service on a Smartphone, you can use the same username and password, and all your contacts will be uploaded on WeChat on computer.
WeChat Features and Options – The PC Alternative
WeChat is one of the most popular mobile voice and text application available for Android and iOS today. It was released in January 2011, and its user database is increasing day by day, mostly because its wide range of features and functionalities. Now, the good thing is that we can have the same features and options of our computer, with WeChat for PC.
Initially released only for the iPhone, the application became available to other platforms too such as Android, Symbian, Blackberry, and Windows phone. In the same time, its developers managed to offer support in up to 18 languages now, and namely English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, Polish, Hindi, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Malaysian, Turkish.

What can we do with WeChat?

I am sure that you all wonder what we can do with WeChat, especially since we have plenty of other cross-messaging platforms available, and some of them quite famous. Well, WeChat is not like any other service, mostly since it provides plenty of customization options, innovative features, and engaging functionalities. First of all, these are the text messaging features, its main features, the hold-to-talk voice messaging, VoIP chat, video chat broadcast (One-to-many) messaging, photo/video sharing, location sharing and contact information exchange.



These are the most important features you can get when you install WeChat on PC. In the same time, it is worth mentioning the fact that these are only the foundation of WeChat since most of these features are to be found within other services as well. Besides these options, we have a chance to do even more. WeChat has plenty of aces in its sleeve. Now, I want to show you some of my favorite features that come along with WeChat for Smartphone or WeChat for PC.

With WeChat, you do not get the usual social networking experience, mostly since it brings so many opportunities. You get to connect to your friends in a free manner, but in the same time, you can have this experience enhanced by some of the most exciting options.
The most important feature is the support for single and group chat. I know that you all like spending time with your friends chatting, and this is the best way to do it. Moreover, if you install WeChat on PC, you will be able to enjoy more of this possibility, due to a bigger sized display and a bigger keyboard. Now, it is easier to joke around as a group of friends without having to switch to different tabs anymore.

The Social Network feature means that you can use WeChat on PC with the same functions as a social network. When you are bored to talk to your friends, you can easily browse through the latest posts and shares.
The shake feature might be regarded as one of the most interesting part of the social networking experience. All you need to do is to skate the device, and now I am talking about your Smartphone, not about your computer, and it will automatically find other WeChat users around the globe who are shaking their devices. Unfortunately, if you make use of WeChat on PC, you will no longer be able to enjoy this feature.



When you are interested in finding plenty of other friends around you, just use the Look around feature. This feature is much quicker than Shake and it is much successful in the same time. Just “Look around” and find plenty of other new people who look around in the same time as you do.

Now, in the last part, I want to mention the possibility to use tons of emoticons. The chat feature will become much more enjoyable and lively if you make use of all types of smiley faces, emoticons and stickers. You will see that there is an emoticon for pretty much everything you want.

As you can see, with WeChat for PC you do not get the exact features as you get on a mobile version, but you can still send unlimited text messages, initiate voice chat, group chats, and even use video calls. WeChat is available on almost all mobile platforms today, but for the PC version, you will need to make use of the Android emulator.

Quick Settings for WeChat on Computer
Everybody loves WeChat. The service has made a name through all people who enjoy texting and keeping in touch with their friends in a free and quick manner. However, with a lot of options available, it is hard to get to the people’s heart. However, sometimes, it can become quite hard to tap out messages on a small screen when you are sitting on your computer or using your laptop. The good thing is that now, we are able to install WeChat on PC, and use it in the same manner as we use the application on our smartphones.

The application was initially accessible on Android phones, iOS devices, BlackBerry phones, and even Windows phone. WeChat provides users with multimedia communicating services that help to accomplish the areas of useful text messages arena, without many troubles. In the same time, it provides plenty of attractive features and options, which we do not normally see on other similar services. This is how WeChat makes a difference.


However, before you decide whether you install WeChat on PC or not, let me just tell you some of its most important features that the service offers. First of all, as you probably already know, WeChat allows us to send unlimited free text messages to people all over the world. Besides this, we can initiate video calls, using only but our internet connection and the WeChat application. The quality depends mostly on the reliability of the internet connection.

Next, with WeChat on PC, you get to send audio records to your friends. When one of your friends is not online, you can send him an audio record saying what you want to say. He will listen to it when he gets online, and replies in the same manner. Along with the multimedia sharing options, users can easily make use of various smiley faces, emoticons, or stickers to make their conversations happier and more joyful.
Besides these regular options, if I may say so, WeChat PC does bring a couple of other interesting options. You can initiate group conversations holding up to 40 different people. In the same time, the group chat can also be a video group chat, where you can view images of 8 of your friends at the same time. However, this feature can turn out to be a little bit too demanding since it does not work on every computer system.



It is also worth mentioning the fact that features such as Around Me or Shake, which are available on WeChat on mobile, are not available on WeChat on PC. I know that they can turn out to be pretty useful, especially when you want to know new people around you, but as you may expect, you cannot shake your computer to trigger this option.

WeChat for PC is so much faster mostly because you get to use a keyboard to type fast messages and all of your contacts and chats are highly visible. There is also an audible notice for new incoming messages. Nevertheless, if you do not want it, you can turn it off quite quickly. Just click on the little down arrow icon just in the right corner of your display.

WeChat Installed on Windows 7/8 Computers
WeChat for PC is in a great demand these days, when everybody started to use instant messaging services instead of the original texting application. However, you still need to do a couple of things before you can actually install the service on your personal computer. However, it is important to now that you can get WeChat installed on any Windows 7/8 computer, in a matter of seconds.

The need to remain permanently connected with your friends and family has become a trend these days. For this reason, all those instant messaging platform offer free services and features, and only by using your internet connection. However, this necessity compared with the need for social networking on an online platform. For this matter, WeChat on PC comes to solve all those problems.



You can get to send unlimited free texts and messages to all of your friends who share the same platform, while remaining connected on your favorite social networks. WeChat for PC is not officially released by its developers, but it has been made available through a third-party Android emulator, which works as an interface between your computer and all those great mobile apps and games.

With WeChat, the main issue is sending unlimited number of messages in a free manner and this is exactly what WeChat is offering. You get to connect with your friends, by using this platform and an internet connection. As the name suggests, WeChat is a simple application that allows you to share your through with others. In the same time, the application gives you the possibility to send pictures, videos, locations and other personal details.


Launched initially in China, this application is now available in various languages around the world, and its expansion is not resting here. WeChat for PC also has the option of retrieving user data whenever requested and also boasts of user privacy.
Related to the privacy aspect, let me just clear up a few things. Users can register for the application by using their Facebook account, email account or simply to use their phone number while filling out the short form. Depending on which alternative you choose to use, it will be easier for your friends to find you. Now, if you want to keep things private, you can sign up using your phone number, and only those persons who already have your number will be able to contact you through WeChat on PC.

The good thing is that you remain logged in until you manually logout. This means that you do not need to reenter the username or your phone number in order to access the application. It will be always available for you to send that urgent message to your girlfriend. I also want to mention the fact that WeChat for PC brings push notifications. You can get instant messages push notifications each time you get a new message from one of your contacts.